Electrical Services


Why choose Smith & Long for Electrical Services?

Smith & Long is your best choice for a wide variety of Electrical Service offerings provided by one electrical contractor for so many reasons, not the least of which is the advantage of and convenience of single source. The ability to “single source” from one trusted, quality, service-minded contractor will save you time, money and much frustration.

The diversity of experience and expertise found within our field, management and administrative personnel is a well-recognized strength. The long-term working relationship with so many clients in many marketplaces is nothing short of fantastic. The ability to know a client’s facility so well that meaningful suggestions regarding safety, energy conservation, technology upgrades, product retrofits, etc., is a very strong value proposition for any client…

Electrical Services: 24 Hour Emergency Response


We at Smith & Long will always consider our abilities and trusted position on behalf of our clients with an attitude of privilege and responsibility…and never one of complacency!

For it is through this key and useful role that we not only thrive through our wide variety of service offerings, installations and engineering support to our clients but at the same time…quite honestly, we enjoy our day-to-day roles and responsibilities as a contractor that much more. In turn, it is through the very opportunities offered to us that our experience is continually being honed, challenged and refreshed thus ensuring innovation and constructability is kept at the forefront with appropriately vetted long-term solutions.

As you will see from the titles above and the associated descriptions on the following pages, our offerings listed under the banner of “Smith & Long Electrical Services” are as diverse as they are innovative. Whether as part of a building safety initiative, or that of a sustainability mindset, you can count on Smith & Long to partner with you in all aspects of trustworthy and professional turnkey project deployment.