Engineering Services


Why choose Smith and Long for Engineering Services?

Firsthand experience with a strong intertwined engineering, constructability, and operability relationships.

The Smith & Long Engineering Services Group is your best choice for so many reasons: Operability.  Creativity.  Respected.  Knowledgeable.  Compliance.  Expertise.  Experience.  Constructability.  Safety.

The foundation of Smith & Long is our fantastic team of individuals with extensive technical backgrounds, experience, certifications, and skillsets.  It is this depth of knowledge, combined with the “time in the trenches” field experience that delivers our strength and practical insight.  

The myriad of projects and client types that Smith & Long works with on a daily basis is complemented by Smith & Long’s Engineering Services Group playing a vital and integral role for all our teams.  This comes in many forms; technical support, engineering conceptualization, or by performing any one of the many task-specific services that we provide to our clients…both as a singular service or as a complement to larger and more complex projects.

The Smith & Long Engineering Services Groups “advantage” has been achieved through the unique blend of senior professional engineers, junior engineers, CETs, and other seasoned professionals that have been strategically brought together into a powerful cohesive unit.  They are technically astute, practical thinkers that promote a culture of exciting and inclusive open two-way communication that will help ensure that the final product is clear, detailed, insightful, compliant, and operable.

Passion.  As manifested by our people throughout the entire Smith & Long organization, it is easy to see.  It is born out of a culture that every employee matters regardless of role and because of the incredibly diverse and wide-ranging divisions within our firm there is an inherent “excitement” realized as a direct result from that diversity of opportunities.  Our Smith & Long Engineering Services Group get to directly participate in that excitement by engaging their creativity and insightful solutions for the rest of the team, whereby they consider it a blend of privilege and responsibility.  Quite simply, the passion to serve becomes contagious!        

Count on the Smith & Long Engineering Services Group to provide you with timely, professional, personal service.  We are excited to serve you, our clients, through these services and our enthusiasm for these engineered product offerings will be demonstrated…every time.