Temporary Power


Why choose Smith and Long for Temporary Power Solutions?

Comprehensive service offerings, innovative solutions, and RESPONSE.

Smith & Long is your best choice as a temporary power solutions partner for so many reasons: Safety. Innovation. Experience. Compliance. Expertise. Access. Prefabrication. Collaboration. RESPONSE.

In some cases when it comes to the word “temporary” it is considered synonymous with “a band-aid” or “that will do” or “hope it will last long enough” or similar. However, when it comes to Smith & Long’s Temporary Power Solutions we hold ourselves to a much higher standard.

First and foremost, being a company that has been established since 1930, there is obviously something we are doing right and as a result, have accumulated an incredibly long list of customers which we have been serving for decades. Secondly, with competition as fierce as ever we can never afford to sit back on our laurels with a feeling of entitlement.

We respond.

We perform.

We totally enjoy serving our clients. How about that for a client service model?

When it comes to Temporary Power Solutions, we really must be on our game every hour of every day as there are many overlapping and often conflicting tasks and issues related to a successfully implemented, safe and compliant temporary installation and connection project.

At Smith & Long, it all starts with our experienced and savvy engineering and field personnel who are creative thinkers, “fast on their feet”, and who capture the necessary details as team players with all associated stakeholders and inspection authorities.