Proactive Maintenance


Why choose Smith and Long for Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services?

Technical expertise, broad-based experience, and response.

The Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team is your best choice for so many reasons: Safety. Experience. Expertise. Professionalism. Technology. Documentation. Response.

Smith & Long continues to play a vital role in the Proactive Electrical Maintenance services field as it has for decades.  Our familiar equipment label containing the “Smith & Long” Logo and associated identifier code number is prominently (and proudly) displayed on tens of thousands of pieces of electrical equipment in Canada…a visual testament to our extensive activity and prominence in the market.

But that is only one facet of our exciting story.  

I In our experience we find that all too often budget discussions, regardless of business type, involve a monetary commitment to “maintenance”; and if it is not already at risk from being cut back it becomes a very contentious point to defend in the following year’s budget.

The rationale?  

Most have heard the common argument “But everything is working just fine, so why waste the funds on maintenance because money is tight this year” or “We have already diverted the funds to purchase _____________”

here are two simple rebuttals to that argument:

  1. “But everything is working just fine”
    Yes the car might be running, but driving  with a fuel gauge that doesn’t work or a car that doesn’t have an oil dipstick presents issues
  1. “…so why waste the funds on maintenance”
    Being in the dark and “hoping” won’t reduce the risk but maintenance will especially if its Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance.

We get it.  Prudent dollars spent now to prevent exponential dollars spent later.

Unfortunately, there are way too many electrical “maintenance” program contracts awarded on an extremely low price that defies mathematical logic as to being able to provide any meaningful services.  Sometimes it regrettably appears to be more of a strategy to “feel good” that at least “something” is being done in the name of “maintenance”. 

But is it really?

Smith & Long’s long-time proven strategy in providing Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services is to provide professional, thorough, and meaningful maintenance with a customer-focused mindset.  

What does having a proactive mindset mean for you, our client?  

It means rather than blindly lubricating, tightening, cleaning (or whatever the specific maintenance service task requires) and sending you an invoice, we take it to the next level.  

Through a detailed analysis process, we will provide you with valuable information enabling you to make informed, prudent decisions.  Important decision information that will provide you with a sound business case on whether funds should be spent on repairs, component replacement, and/ or budgeting for future scheduled shutdowns, all with a rating scale of urgency and type…be it of a safety concern, wear and tear, component failure, etc.

Engage our expertise through the Smith & Long Proactive Electrical Maintenance Services Team to help ensure a logical approach to appropriate maintenance programs vs. unplanned, potentially catastrophic failures causing much more downtime and costs…let alone a potential elevated safety risk to personnel and property.