Financial Centres

Smith & Long understands Financial Centres, their positioning, needs and points of importance:

  • Usually based in large buildings with complex systems, including generators, battery-backups, and UPS, which require regular maintenance

  • They host a variety of equipment, ranging from computers to ATMs, operating around the clock

  • Extra attention to Emergency Systems, Generators, UPS and Transfer Switch/es is required

  • Provincial and federal governments require and regulate the maintenance of equipment

And our expertise and experience allow us to understand how to solve your problems. Most commonly, but not limited to:

  • Prevention of costly system failures, which could result in lost business
  • Code compliance, safety, and fire prevention
  • Equipment longevity and efficiency
  • An extra focus on risk management and potential cost-savings over time

We also offer service programs custom designed to help you better manage your building’s electrical systems. Whether you’re looking for power-metering solutions, power logic controls, power-quality analysis, power-factor correction or even general service calls and proactive electrical service, our staff of highly trained journeymen and master electricians will ensure that you always get the very best value from any project undertaken.

We’ll know your business, speak your language, ask questions, build a relationship and work hard to prove to you why we’ll remain your overall service provider!