Mechanical Services


Why choose Smith & Long for Mechanical/ HVACR Services?

The Smith & Long Mechanical Division is your best choice as a fully diversified mechanical HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration) contractor partner for so many reasons:

  • Safety

  • Expertise

  • Collaboration

  • Reputation

  • Availability

  • Professionalism

  • Innovation

  • Experience


  • Technology

  • Team Playe

The Smith & Long Mechanical Division works very hard every day on behalf of all clients to provide excellent service offerings within an exceptional response time. And this division has never been stronger since the addition of Main Air Systems Inc. being welcomed to the Smith & Long family in 2015 to complement our existing HVACR resources.

By bringing Smith & Long together with Main Air Systems Inc., the depth and breadth of this seasoned expanding team of HVACR professionals now ranks amongst the best in the Canadian HVACR industry.

HVACR by its very nature touches us all greatly whenever we are indoors affecting our own personal comfort whether at work, home or play. Like so many things, with much of this infrastructure generally hidden from view, all is good and commonly taken for granted…that is…until it fails!

However, there is also significantly more at stake than personal comfort with so many of today’s complex HVACR systems for hospitals, manufacturing and process control, freeze protection, mission-critical environments including data centres, laboratories, museums, general air handling systems, etc. Whatever the system, whatever the need, be it Emergency RESPONSE™, Service, Maintenance, Replacement Upgrades, or New Installations…the Smith & Long Mechanical Division is your one-stop-shop to address your HVACR requirements in a safe, timely, professional, cost-effective way.

On an internal poll, we found out what has been declared to our staff as the “Top Four Reasons Why Customers Choose Smith & Long Mechanical”.

  1. “Industry Knowledge & Experience”
  2. “Honesty & Integrity”
  3. “Enthusiasm”
  4. “Reputation”
  1. Industry Knowledge & Experience – It goes without saying that when you deal with any technically service based organization, industry knowledge and experience are so vitally important to ensure your specific needs are being taken care of in a highly professional and appropriate manner. Generic “one size fits all” solutions are in fact not solutions; they are the easy way out. By contrast, Smith & Long Mechanical prides itself and is known for taking each building’s unique and dynamic requirements based on the myriad of influences and impacts. In other words; logical, systematic thinking.   Season, location, exposure, building envelope design, people and production loading, specific client demands for heating, cooling, humidity, air quality, air changes, controls, limitations, etc., are all factors that weigh into the complexity of providing the right solution.
    Another important aspect associated with industry knowledge and experience is the absolute need for addressing safety and code compliances within regional jurisdictions, all falling under the umbrella of the TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority). Smith & Long Mechanical will help educate and inform your firm of the right items to address regarding any potential safety code violations, thus ensuring the ultimate safety for the occupants of your facility at all times.
  2. Honesty & Integrity – It is crucial from an operational and financial perspective that you know you can have the complete confidence and trust in your HVACR service provider. Smith & Long Mechanical works hard everyday to partner with you to ensure you are given the “straight goods” on where you need to spend money, and where you can save it. To educate you on product selections that are the right fit, and those to avoid. To tell you costs and delivery dates that are valid, and not to just tell you what you want to hear so that we can secure an order.
  3. Enthusiasm – As clearly and prominently displayed in our office and service vehicles; RESPONSE™ is our corporate DNA. We are passionate about we do every day on behalf of our customers, not only because we love what we do in this fast paced ever-evolving field, but because we know and appreciate that “Customers make paydays possible!”
  4. Reputation – New and long-term clients are both equally important to Smith & Long Mechanical. We never cease to be amazed that a high percentage of new clients come from referrals because of our reputation among industry peers. Referrals are always highly valued, not only because it can potentially give us yet another excellent opportunity to meet, collaborate and develop more solid working relationships.

Referrals born out of our proven reputation and performance reinforce the fact we are on the right track by being noticed for our RESPONSE™ in the marketplace at large.


The ICI – Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Marketplace

In the very wide spectrum of what might be called an HVACR client, Smith & Long Mechanical is pleased to have a solid, diverse and growing list of top-tier well-branded clients and institutions, as well as individually owned and rented facilities all of whom we are proud to serve on a daily basis.

Building owners, property managers, franchisees, municipalities, general contractors, project managers, etc., in markets such as:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Construction
  • Datacentres
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Financial
  • Fitness Venues
  • Governmental
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Hotels
  • Legal
  • Municipalities
  • National Food Chains
  • Property Development
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Sports Venues
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

As evidenced by the long list of clientele markets that we serve, Smith & Long Mechanical services a wide geographical reach that primarily focuses within a 200km reach of the Greater Toronto Area. However, for many clients over the years we have been requested and successfully performed work on their behalf many times at their facilities right across Canada. They have come to know and trust us very well in our local domain, and therefore have found utilizing our services in a direct or supportive supervisory role; a strong value proposition for their respective national teams.

We trust this brief overview and associated links to the various Smith & Long Mechanical service offerings gives you the confidence that we absolutely have the quality resources and expertise to meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations and requirements for your next HVACR service, maintenance, installation or construction project.