Data Centres – Mission Critical

Smith & Long understands Data Centres and what’s important to them:

  • Data Centers consume large amounts of electricity and require high rates of uninterrupted power distribution, and consumption increases as technology and security demands increase, making energy efficiency and reduced operating and utility costs essential
  • Prevention of costly system failures
    • *Downtime due to an outage at a data center could cost up to $8,225 per minute, with average outages lasting up to 90 minutes, totaling more than $740,000 in lost revenue*
  • Code compliance, safety and fire prevention
  • Equipment longevity and efficiency

We have the expertise and experience to solve your problems. From simple to Tier 4 installations, we work from the ground up, providing design and build (for both electrical and communications), critical power systems and 24/7 Emergency service to ensure that our clients are provided with the most reliable power possible – we understand that experiencing unplanned downtime is not an option. In addition to our traditional services we also provide 3rd party power assessments, power quality testing, and power resiliency analysis. We’ll know your business, speak your language, ask questions, build a relationship and work hard to prove to you why we’ll remain your overall service provider!


Case Studies (or examples of areas we have worked in):

  • We work on all Data Centers, servers, cloud-based storage and electronic network facilities, regardless of size