Commercial Buildings & Property Management

Smith & Long understands the needs of Commercial Buildings and Property Management and we work hard to:

  • Keep properties profitable
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce utility consumption
  • Reduce repair costs from electrical failures
  • Manage risk and reduce liability through OSHA and NFPA 70E compliance
  • Minimize business interruption risks
  • Measure downtime based on volume of tenant revenue
  • Keep tenants happy by maintaining building services, while at the same time trying to work within a budget
  • All in all, helping you flatline operating costs, improving energy efficiency, and retain tenants

And we have the expertise and experience to solve your problems. Most commonly, but not limited to:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Code violations
  • Poor power quality
  • 70E compliance
  • Heavy energy usage
  • Budget constraints
  • Limited resources and maintenance staff


Smith and Long are able to help uphold a superior level of electrical services and at the same time save you money on power and maintenance. Whether you need on-site base-building electricians or want to reduce costs by addressing power-factor issues or lighting retrofits. We’ll know your business, speak your language, ask questions, build a relationship and work hard to prove to you why we’ll remain your overall service provider!


Where we’ve worked:

  • We currently cover over 10 million square feet in Canada