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Sustainability initiatives can be either voluntary or regulated. Once such energy-conscious opportunity is that of the retrofit installation of electrical sub-metering. Let Smith & Long guide you through and execute the process professionally with minimal disruption to your building occupants.

Studies show that in most cases the “pay-for-what-you-use” model not only reinforces the conservation of energy and treats all building energy consumers evenhandedly but also benefits a facility owner/ manager by reducing the overall electrical KWHR consumption and often their Peak Demand. This net reduction in loading can help the building’s electrical infrastructure run cooler and make a significant monetary and operational difference by reducing the amount of potentially costly electrical service upgrades necessary when a buildings loading is close to capacity.

Product offerings for sub-metering are significant both in the “certified revenue grade” and non-revenue grade models and are growing at a tremendous rate given the technological advancements in connectivity, accuracy, reporting, form factor, etc. Smith & Long can help you provide a strong business case for sub-metering for single tenant/ owner clients within their facilities for three key reasons:

  1. To assist in identifying the true cost of a specific department, production line and or process.
  2. To track the operational characteristics of any group of infrastructure base building loads, be it HVAC, heat pumps, air compressors, lighting, etc. These individual loads can then be monitored 24/7 both in real time and historically to help identify “rogue loads” that are operational when not required, observe equipment operating at higher than normal amperage (and thus indicating an immediate need for physical inspection and service).
  3. In combination with power quality logging and analysis to help identify any anomalies that could adversely affect a production process by damaging or shortening the operational life of equipment, etc., regardless of whether the issue has been caused within the building itself or if it is an external LDC (Local Distribution Company) driven power problem.
Electrical Service: Building Sub-Metering

Contact Smith & Long if any of these metering solutions hit home with you as a needed fit within your buildings electrical distribution system because: “Knowledge IS Power”!