Canada Wide National Services Group



National Project Rollouts are a foundational key to Smith Long’s success and reputation as a premier National Electrical & Communications Services company, for it is through a client’s call for a National Rollout that we get to demonstrate the full capabilities and power of our national contractor network. Give us the rollout request that details the scope of work and scheduling mandate…and we spring into action because we love rollouts!

A rollout can consist of a single power outlet that must be located at a specific column or designated ceiling space in every facility for a new piece of equipment. It may also require a terminated and tested CAT6a network cable jack to that same location. Or perhaps there is a pilot project in several regions to validate the operational success and customer acceptance of a new retail self-checkout kiosk before a full rollout is deployed.

Whatever the case, we take full responsibility for our national team to ensure every branch manager, the locally assigned rollout contact personnel, as well as the client’s national office is kept abreast of all details and scheduling milestones as we progress with the rollout mandate…right through to the mutually successful completion.

The Rollout Experience. Far too often retail clients involved in a rollout that is fast-paced (and let’s be honest, is there any other kind?) at the end of the day wonder:

“What just happened?”

True, you may have had your rollout completed or reasonably completed…but the disruption, lack of housekeeping, lack of documentation and appropriate labeling, lack of turnover training, unscheduled facility downtime, etc., may make you and your staff feel like the rollout itself has just rolled over you, rather than with you, or for you. The harsh reality of not being treated like a valued customer, (a culture you work so hard to reinforce with your own sales staff every day) has somehow been forgotten. And that is not right.

The Smith & Long Rollout Experience Difference. When we do a rollout, it is performed with you and for you…not to you because you and your fellow staff will be treated like the valued customers you are. We communicate well. We execute well. But we also “get it”… the rollout is just another thing your staff has to accommodate on top of their own regular daily tasks and responsibilities that they have to perform. Once we have “The Rollout Plan” we strive to stay out of their way as much as possible with a professional, no-surprises, maximized uptime, enthusiastic, seamless deployment. And that is, quite simply, the way it should be.

Furthermore, Smith & Long’s National Services Group is comprised of far more than skilled labour. You understand this piece better than most. Our national purchasing power for the materials and equipment required for your projects gives us an advantage on several key fronts:

  • Excellent Logistical Control
  • Nationwide Partner Sourcing
  • High Volume Buying + Quality Manufacturers = Best Overall Value & Availability

What happens when the Smith & Long National Services Group takes care of project labour as well as materials procurement? Your team has the peace of mind knowing that the all too often troublesome logistics of manpower and materials deliveries will be on site when and where it needs to be, thus freeing up your team’s time to focus on their own required priorities.