Safety & Training Programs



At Smith & Long, it all starts and ends with SAFETY.

The critical importance of safety permeates everything we do on a daily basis.

Our personnel are held to the highest standards as written in our Health & Safety Program, and as such, the highest level of safety procedure adoption, inclusive communication, buy-in, and collaboration, must be intentionally followed without exception. In other words: It demands zero room for error, lack of respect, or shortcuts.

Smith & Long’s focus on safety is the filter by which all our work is driven…for if it cannot be done safely…it does not mean the work cannot be performed, it will very often mean another solution or Method of Procedure (MOP) must be designed and implemented.

We at Smith & Long are proud of our strong safety record, which drives us continually to ensure our personnel and those that we might affect through our daily service and project work will be able to work and go home SAFE.

“Tool Box Talks” are performed weekly here at Smith & Long that help to aid in the promotion and continuation of our safe work culture…not just for the practical information that they convey, but to also elevate a continual positive safety mindset such that a worker might give “pause” before they undertake an unsafe action that could conceivably cause physical harm to themselves or others.

Built upon safety as our longstanding operational foundation; the ever-expanding Smith & Long list of quality service offerings are here for you, delivered in a personable, professional, responsive, and safe manner.

Every time.